A Beginners Guide To Creating And Launching A Podcast
Without Learning Complicated Technology Or Wasting Tons Of Time
Watch This Video To Discover The Importance Of Building And Growing Your Business With A Podcast
Here is a little of what you will discover in this action packed Launch Guide:
  • How to launch a podcast without stressing over complicated systems that take forever to learn
  • We walk you through creating the perfect vision, direction, and game plan for your new podcast
  • How to make the tech of podcasting super simple, so easy an 8 year old can do it 
  • Discover the easy technology and tools you'll need to record and launch your future hit podcast 
  • Become well known by your peer group and celebrities - Many people have become famous through podcasting
  • The types of podcasts and which one is best for you
  • How to create a show that iTunes loves (and even get featured on the front page!)
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... as you can see this is everything you need to get started. In fact below are testimonials from previous clients who have used the Podcaster's Secret Weapon system to create, launch and profit from their podcast. 
What Podcasters Are Saying
The results are profound... The Secret Weapon makes the difference...
"My show now has over 31,000 downloads per month. Thanks Luis!"
"I've benefited substantially from Luis' methods. As an example, one suggestion that he recommended and I implemented resulted in a 3x growth in my downloads over the course of two weeks."  

Bryce Prescott, Host of Rules of Success Podcast

"... I was able to launch my show in time and got 8,000 downloads in a month"
If you are looking to build a successful podcast, you have come to the right place. With Luis' help, I was able to launch my show in time and got 8,000 downloads in a month. What's more, he taught me how to get my dream guests on my podcast show. Within two months, I was invited to be a featured guest on others podcast shows. Luis is one of the best coaches in the podcast industry. Thank you Luis!!
Queenie Kawabe, Host of Expand Your World - Be Bilingual
"I've Been Able to Network With VERY High Level People!"
"The methods Luis uses have helped me network with some very high level people. I know that using these methods I'll be able to speak with ideal clients, make friends with celebrities, and monetize my business FAST."
Luc Sisombath, Host of Hustle Talk TV
Some Cool Guests We've Hosted
We've had some huge names on our podcasts, and you can too...

Dr John Grey
Drs. John and Julie Gottman
Andre Chaperon
Dr Dan Siegel
Bas Rutten
Gretchen Rubin
Podcasts Can Actually Make You Money
Virtually all podcasts make no money, but we've figured out how to monetize our show right from the get-go, and will show you exactly how we did it. 

Interview Celebrities
Get experts on your show!
Increase Your Visibility Quickly 
Double, triple, and quadruple your downloads!
Make Money. Land sponsors. Learn unique ways to monetize!
Explode Your Network 
Talk to leaders, millionaires, and get on the same level as the people you look up to.
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